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Voice Coaching & Classes

The voice is probably the most essential tool we take for granted as actors, but it is one of our most important assets. Not only does the voice communicate with other people, but it also contains your posture, movement, involuntary movement, an impression of your personality, where you live or come from, and of course, your thoughts and feelings. Your voice is a most intricate mixture of what you hear, how you hear it, and how you unconsciously choose to use it in the light of your personality and experience. 


What actors must do, is move their voice from the subconscious to the conscious state of awareness of their vocal production. It's not implying that actors have to think about their voice all the time, but that an actor has to have command and control over their vocal production and sound placement. They need to be at the helm of their vocal ship, not sitting in cargo. 


Whether you are visiting this page because you've received negative feedback about your voice, want to improve it, or need to prepare role, Amy can assist you. The voice can be one of the hardest aspects about yourself to change, as more of our identity is connected to our voice than we realize, but Amy can help any actor that is committed to improving their voice for the better. 


One-on-One coaching are available to book. Due to the nature of the work, it is typically required that three coaching sessions be initially purchased. Vocal issues cannot be solved in one coaching session. It takes several coaching sessions, daily exercises, and commitment from the actor to achieve the desired results. 


Private Coaching Rates:

  • One Hour Individual | $60

  • Three Hour Prepay Package | $150


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